Storage for owners of cargoes

Every owner of cargo wishes to get safe and reliable transportation services. Efficient storage of various cargoes allows doing it. Storage includes technical, organizational and informative tools to accept, count, categorize and issue cargoes.

Customs office and usual storehouse

There are two main types of storehouses

  • Customs office. Here you can keep those goods which do not have European Union status and which are not paid during import processes.
  • Usual. In this type of storehouses you can keep various goods which have already acquired European Union status.

Main stages of storage

  • Reception. During receptions our specialists identify cargoes and the most important documents. 
  • Storage. This process assures that your goods will be carefully protected and observed in storehouse.
  • Preparation and shipping of order. When it comes time to transport your cargo away from storehouse, our specialists prepare everything carefully. It assures that consignee will be satisfied with cargo.  

The most important tasks of storage are reception of goods, reliable keeping in storehouse, control of storage conditions and preparation for shipment. If you search for reliable partner, the company “ALPI Baltika” is always ready to help you!