International transportation of cargoes

Do you search for reliable, efficient and fast way how to transport cargoes from one country to another? International transportation of cargoes is an excellent solution!

Transportation possibilities

  • Maritime transport. We carry partial and full cargoes with ships which can reach even the most distant continents in the World – South America, Africa, Far East etc.
  • Continental transport. Our modern trucks carry partial cargoes to Europe and CIS countries, middle Asia.
  • Air transport. Carrying cargoes with airplanes helps to save precious time and allows transporting food and other putrescent products to direct point of destination very fast.


  • Expansion of business. International transportation of cargoes allows to develop your business in various countries. Using modern and qualified vehicles you can transport different type, size and weight cargoes all together to any point in the World you need.
  • Complexity of services. According to costumers needs we can offer very comfortable services. Multi-modal transportation will help you to carry cargoes faster using different vehicles – trains, trucks, planes and ships.
  • Exclusive safety.  We can offer transportation of non-standard, dangerous cargoes and prepare it carefully for long journeys. That‘s why our transportation is exclusive safe.

Required documents

You can transport cargoes to other countries only after managing required documents and subscribing contracts. One of the most important contract is CMR convention. This convention regulates cooperation between various institutions and assures Lithuanian carrier interests.

The company “ALPI Baltika” helps for your business and assures high quality services according to individual needs.