Taking into account the rapidly changing and rising fuel prices in the Republic of Lithuania and the practice of carriers in the market to adjust the price of the services provided to their customers by applying the index of fuel price changes in the market to the price, we would like to inform you, that starting from 1 February of this year the prices of the services provided to you will be indexed by applying an index determined by objective methods, taking into account the fuel rates actually in force on the market (the starting point is the price of diesel fuel in UAB Circle K petrol stations being higher than EUR 1,16). The fuel price is fixed at 1 day of the current month.


Fuel surcharge:               3% (fuel cost from €1.16 to €1.21)

                                           5% (fuel cost from €1.22 to €1.27)

                                           7% (fuel cost from €1.28 to €1.33)

                                           9% (fuel cost from €1.34 to €1.39)

                                           11% (fuel cost from €1.40 to €1.45)

                                           13% (fuel cost from €1.46 to €1.51)

                                           15%(fuel cost from 1,52 Eur to 1,57 Eur)

                                           17%(fuel cost from 1,58 Eur to 1,63 Eur)

                                           19%(fuel cost from 1,64 Eur to 1,69 Eur)

                                           21%(fuel cost from 1,70 Eur to 1,75 Eur)

                                           23%(fuel cost from 1,76 Eur to 1,81 Eur)

                                           25%(fuel cost from 1,82 Eur to 1,87 Eur)

                                           27%(fuel cost from 1,88 Eur to 1,93 Eur)

                                           29%(fuel cost from 1,94 Eur to 1,95 Eur)

                                           31%(fuel cost from 1,96 Eur to 2,01 Eur)

                                           33%(fuel cost from 2,02 Eur to 2,07 Eur)

                                           35%(fuel cost from 2,08 Eur to 2,13 Eur)

                                           37%(fuel cost from 2,14 Eur to 2,19 Eur)

                                           39%(fuel cost from 2,20 Eur to 2,25 Eur)