Customs office services for your business

Customs office services are very important part of every business when you need to carry goods to other countries. These services are useful for international business companies.

Activities of customs office brokers

The company “ALPI Baltika” offers services of customs office brokers. We care for comfortable transportation of your cargo and help to resolve various legal problems as well. One of the most reliable ways how to do this is qualified, responsible and honest preparation of contracts and documents. These services are very important for those companies which do business between Lithuania and other countries.

Main procedures

  • Export. Needed in order to export goods from European Union to other countries. Electronic shippers export declaration required (SED).
  • Import. Needed to import goods or services from one country to another. Customs value declaration and general administrative document required.
  • Transit. It is transportation of goods through territory of foreign country. This procedure allows avoiding unnecessary taxes.

Reasons why it is worth to choose these services

Customs office brokers are experienced professionals and they know how to care for cargoes of every carrier. Not every company has enough time and competence to manage customs office documents, that’s why help of the broker is very useful. If you want to avoid possible problems in custom office, our brokers will come to help you.

Importance of storage

Customs office storage is needed to keep those goods which do not have European Union status. Keeping these goods you can avoid big taxes and economic limitations. After all required customs office procedures these goods can acquire European Union status.

Customs office services by “ALPI Baltika” will fit every costumer’s requirements and expectations. Qualified technique and high level services assures that your cargoes will reach the place of destination safe and without any problems.