Advanced air transport solutions and process of transportation.

“ALPI Baltika” belongs to a group of companies which handles tons of cargoes annually applying innovative solutions for the inconstant market needs. Because of the selected carriers and customer preferences associated with each route, “ALPI Baltika” ensures their needs are met when carrying the goods from “door to door”.

Air transport, one of the services of “ALPI Baltika”, includes:

  • direct contact with the supplier/recipient; 
  • total process control; 
  • information about the delivery process;
  • a detailed proposal of shipping rates;
  • the ability to choose the time of delivery (instant service or regular service).

Every year performing thousands of shipments ALPI is particularly recognized and respected in the group of transport companies. By choosing several partners “ALPI Baltika” can ensure a stable and reliable customer service by transporting various cargoes – regular ones, textile and clothing, clothing with the special containers (GOH), exotic food, perishable goods and other products that require a special transportation.