"ALPI Baltika"

is a transport and freight forwarding company which belongs to the International ALPI Group. ALPI started
its operation in 1945 in Italy as the logistics company Albini & Pitigliani was established in Prato. Albini & Pitigliani is a family
company and well known in Italy and abroad. Our group offers a worldwide network of own offices and affiliated agents,
located on all continents, in all major cities and close to the main ocean- and airports.
In Lithuania" ALPI Baltika" started in 2006.

The aim of our operations is to guarantee your satisfaction and to create the wish for cooperation that would be
based on quality, precision and the competitive prices of the services.



HISTORY ALbini&PItigliani

1945 Albo Albini and Sandro Pitigliani open their first office in Prato, a textile district just outside Florence, to offer Courier service to the South of Italy.
1946–1983 Development of Italian Network, opening offices in Florence and Milan, appointing exclusive agency agreements throughout Europe and other continents.
1984 First ALPI  Office outside Italy, in Amsterdam.
1985–1989 Creating ALPI European Network.
1990 First ALPI  Office in the USA, in Chicago.
1991–1998 Developing ALPI  US Network and opening Offices and Joint ventures in South Asia, from Korea to Taiwan, to China.
1990–2000 Several Joint Ventures and Exclusive Agency contracts around the world to guarantee to its customers global coverage for their freight; Recent openings in Vietnam and Banghladesh.

European Acquisitions in France and Germany; Logistics Business Unit Development; Corporate Key Account Management.
Today ALPI has 64 offices around the world and over 800 direct employees.

2006 In Lithuania started  ALPI Baltika.